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House extensions are an opportunity to increase the size of your home. At GMS Building Solutions, we have the experience of extending homes upwards and outwards. Depending upon your property space and the structure of your home, we can make recommendations on how additional space can be added.
Whether your family has grown or you simply want additional space than what you had when you originally purchased the home, we can show you how to extend your home in the most effective way possible. This can give you expanded living spaces, more storage, and even more bedrooms.
Our team works with many house extensions and it is one of our specialty services. Allow us to show you how to get the bespoke house you have always wanted.
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Build the Home You Have Always Wanted

Too many people decided that they no longer like their home because it isn’t large enough for them. They end up putting the home on the market and having to search for another home that is capable of meeting their needs. This can be a long and drawn out process, as well as extremely expensive. House extensions can take place to ensure that you are able to bring your current home up to your new standards.
We have the experience working on house extensions to ensure that you have all the space that you could ever want. This can accommodate your growing family as well as a change within your needs.
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